Terms and Conditions

By using this website you are agreeing to comply with the terms and conditions outlined below. Use of this website is subject to a License Plan that you need to subscribe to before you can use the service. If you do not agree to subscribe to the License Plan you will not be allowed access.

The Basics

The “Service” is made up of a customer portal and license plan which together makeup  “Service”.  Learntask own the portal and user licence plans and paid subscribers will be given access based on paid up memberships. The service may be withdrawn instantly if payments for the service are not made.The content belongs to the subscribers and is explicitly not the property of Learntask.  The content must be legal and must infringe laws and standards of the Republic of Ireland and must comply with the Irish Data Protection Act. If the content is in dispute Learntask reserve the right to suspend membership to the Service.

Service Subscribers

The subscriber has the sole responsibility to ensure their content is accurate, correct, up to date and factually correct. Learntask is not responsible any inaccurate, misleading, false, dematory, incomplete or otherwise incorrect content information on any subscriber portals. Access to the portals is the responsilibity of the Portal Manager who can assign usernames and passwords to subscribers. Ensuring security of the subscriber portal is the responsibility of the Portal Manager.

Licence Plans

Access to the portal is via a licence plan which is payable in advance and is non refundable. The customer can cancel their subscription at anyt time but will not be entitled to a refund. Configuration of the customer portals is based on Licence Plans – Basic, Advanced and Enterprise. These plans may be subject to change and the customer will be notified in advance via email.

Course Build

The adding of course content to online courses is termed as the “Course Build”. Costs incurred in this build are not included as part of the Licence Plan and are considered to be an additonal cost by Learntask.